Quincy Mine Shaft with Ruins (M. Ausema)

Isle Royale & Keweenaw Parks Association works with two of this country's most unique national parks.

For more than 80 years, people from across the U.S. and around the world have traveled to Isle Royale National Park to fish the cold waters of Lake Superior, backpack the wilderness trails, kayak or canoe the rocky shorelines or inland lakes, study the park's wolves and moose, watch the northern lights, and soak in the quiet and solitude of the island. The park celebrated its 80th anniversary on April 3, 2020!

Keweenaw National Historical Park, located within a short drive of the Isle Royale Headquarters, joined the National Park System in October, 1992. It celebrates the endeavors of immigrants from nations across Europe who came to the rugged Keweenaw Peninsula to mine its rich copper veins, log its majestic white pines, and eke out a living from its rocky soil.

As a membership-based nonprofit organization, the Isle Royale & Keweenaw Parks Association invites YOU to join us. Help us to share the stories of these two very special parks with park visitors, school children, and people around the world.

Big Boat BOO Event Onboard Ranger III

Invasive Plant Removal Service Project

Red squirrel on Isle Royale (S. Ausema)

Train at Quincy Mine (A. Pontynen)

Rock of Ages Lighthouse, Isle Royale (A. Pontynen)

Bull Moose on Isle Royale (S. Ausema)

Isle Royale Shoreline (S. Ausema)

Isle Royale Trail (S. Ausema)

Isle Royale in the Fog (S. Ausema)

Hanka Homestead (M. Ausema)

Quincy Smelter (M. Ausema)

Old Victoria (M. Ausema)

IRKPA Field Trip (S. Ausema)